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Our tools for system integration


Zapier is a vital tool for anyone interested in creating automation in the interactions between a number of systems or programs and thereby, maximize the benefit from their technological activities. Currently, Zapier enables you to connect more than 1,500 different applications by defining a number of simple steps that can be implemented by every user.

Make (formerly integromat)

Integromat, soon to be renamed Make, is a technological system enabling automation between different systems and/or applications. Integromat is proud of its slogan: “Paste the Internet” and it is most definitely entitled to say it.

Integromat usage is growing from day to day and many companies are choosing to use it in order to reduce external programming costs and keep control in their own hands. Integromat is a European company established in 2012 and currently, it encompasses more than 10,000 applications.


Mailparser is a program that enables you to extract information from incoming mail such as customer service mail or orders for products and it can also extract information from Excel, Word, PDF and other files.

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