What is the scale of your investment in order to reach the point you are now at in the business world? It is reasonable to assume that the investment is considerable and that is one of the reasons why you must not give up at any stage in your journey. Even if at this point in time things don’t look so good, you must assume that you will always be able to move the business forward. Sometimes, that move starts from a very difficult, dark place. Nevertheless, you can take to heights you have never even dreamed of.


How can you move the business forward? By using a CRM system adapted to fit your business’s specific needs. The following article gives you some details about the program called Monday, a program that insists it can make it easy to conduct business activities and make them more efficient. We will tell you about both sides of the coin and that will allow you to make the choice that is best for you.

Monday – Advantages?

This system has many advantages, but its most obvious advantage is its ability to adapt to your needs. You will be able to continue work in any way you want, while the program adjusts itself to your personal modus operandi. You will not have to make any substantial changes, but at the same time, the program will provide you with all the benefits it can offer

Do you feel that you are working long hours without seeing any results? With Monday you will feel totally different. Monday offers ways to save precious time, while in parallel, you will be able to improve every employee’s efficiency. Suddenly you will be able to see how the business is functioning much more effectively according to any yardstick you choose to apply.

The Monday system offers a wide range of reports and monitoring functions and so you will know exactly how the business stands. If in the past you had to invest time and effort in order to reach an objective situational report, with Monday, you will be able to see it on screen at the touch of a button. It will display precisely what is happening and you will even be able to see where improvements are necessary.

Monday – Disadvantages?

This is an excellent program, but it does not offer an endless list of features. If you rely on it too much, you might discover you cannot get all you want. So you will need to balance between independent work and working together efficiently, because this outstanding system offers many, but not an endless list of features.

Take into account the fact that this is not a free program. You will be required to pay a fixed monthly fee. If you reach the end of each month only just financially afloat the additional expense must be taken into consideration. It is not a large sum but it is a regular monthly payment that must be part of your calculations.

Monday offers a very wide range of features you can use but even so, it is a worry that your business might reach absolute reliance upon the system. If the Monday system is not functioning properly in such a situation, your business might possibly fail. So, even though Monday is an excellent system which could satisfy your every need, no one should rely on it too much.

Monday – Monthly costs?

The Monday program allows anyone to try out the program for a 14 day period, which enables you to decide if it is right for your organization. The basic package costs USD 24 per month and you must make a commitment to pay for a 12 month period. The top of the range package costs USD 48 per month and once again, you must commit for a 12 month period. It is a good idea to read each package’s specifications carefully before you decide which package is the best solution for your business.

User friendly interface with remote operation from any location at any time

This might seem a minor issue, but in practice, it is a very important feature when you want to extract information from the system. Monday offers a user friendly interface constructed using a range of colors enabling you to understand exactly what is happening at any given moment. Because you will find it so easy to read the various reports displayed by the system, you will find it natural to act in the best possible way.


At the same time, you will be able to access the program from any location and at any time because the entire program is cloud based. Wherever you are, you will be able to know what is going on in real time. You will always be able to guide your business in the right direction to achieve your aims.

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