Telephone Exchange Assimilation

On its own, a CRM system cannot collate all the vast amount of information extant in an organization or company. Therefore, AMERICA-CRM also provides and assimilates telephony solutions for clients who understand that the entire organization must have a common language with their CRM solution. Sophisticated telecommunications enable the organization to collate the information received through phone calls, monitor employee performance and define the call routing that will ensure no potential customer falls by the wayside.

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The benefits provided by a sophisticated telecommunications system


Choosing between an IP system or a cloud based IP system

Our experts help you select the system that will optimize your organization’s call management and exploit every advantage provided by the CRM system.


Characterization of telephony exchange operation

Our experts help you define the range of telephony exchange functionality your organization needs. For example: Call recording, Fax 2 Mail, employee performance monitoring, metrics management, call routing and more… We understand what is important for your needs.


Communications infrastructure installation

AMERICA-CRM accompanies the client in all that needs to be done with external contractors, the installation of communications infrastructures, accessory equipment purchasing etc. We make sure that the introduction of all the equipment goes smoothly and guarantees full operating efficiency.


Technical support

After the entire system has been installed and assimilated, we provide full, ongoing, technical support.

Working with the leading systems