Characterization and Management of Technological Projects

For most organizations and companies, characterization and management of computerized, technologically advanced projects is not a simple process. AMERICA-CRM provides a comprehensive solution for project management through a series of well-informed, carefully planned and executed stages.

A comprehensive solution for project management


Characterization, analysis and definition of project goals

A comprehensive solution must include the definition of goals – what does the client want to achieve through the implementation of the project.

Based on full understanding of the client’s needs and goals, AMERICA-CRM helps the client avoid unplanned costs.


Flow chart for the client’s project

We provide each client with a flow chart explaining each stage in project implementation. It explains each process in the project and how the final result will support the client’s managers and employees.


Project timetable.

The timetable shows the time allotted for each stage in the process and monitors stage execution and completion; all in order to ensure no delays or slow progress to completion.


Determination of Strategy and Methodology

Based on the flow chart and the timetable, AMERICA-CRM works together with the client’s managers to determine the optimum methodology for the client’s needs, including efficient and effective management of resources and how unplanned costs can be avoided.


Assimilation and Execution

Every project planned and executed by AMERICA-CRM includes assimilation of the process and that means the client gains real added value. Execution by the designer. It also means no unexpected costs and a single entity responsible for all the project’s technological aspects.


Technical support and supervision

AMERICA-CRM provides its clients with comprehensive technical support during system installation and assimilation and an overarching control and monitoring approach for the entire range of activities.