CRM System Assimilation

AMERICA-CRM understands the critical importance of Customer Relationship Management – CRM in organizations functioning in today’s business world and that is why we focus on CRM integration for companies of all sizes.


To ensure an organization’s consistent growth in the 21st century that organization must have a CRM to monitor and manage its clients. That leaves managers the free time to find more clients, solve problems and improve the solutions it can offer its clients.

The result – More transactions, more satisfied clients and of course, increased profits.

What happens when we assimilate a CRM system?


Advice on the selection of a CRM system for companies and organizations

AMERICA-CRM advises the organization on the CRM system best suited to the specific characteristics of the organization’s activities. 


Business characterization and analysis

When decided which CRM to use, we need to understand the technological aspects and how it will affect the organization’s internal processes. AMERICA-CRMconducts an analysis and characterization for the entire CRM assimilation project and then, our experts provide close accompaniment throughout the assimilation process.

The CRM systems we supply ensure that the organization benefits from added value on a competition beating scale and our accompaniment avoids unforeseen costs during system integration.


Integrating and Using a CRM system   

After completing characterization and analysis, AMERICA-CRMprovides the client with a timetable explaining each stage in the assimilation process and begins that process on two levels:

Assimilation in the organization – Manager and employee training on how the system works.

Technological Assimilation – Our experts provide constant accompaniment for all those involved in the process, including external contractors.


Technical Support

After completing the assimilation process at both levels, AMERICA-CRMprovides full, ongoing, technical support.

For more details about ongoing technical support packages – Press Here

AMERICA-CRM works with all the leading systems.