Regardless of how much you invest in your business and despite all your hopes, it’s just not moving up to the next level. Any number of reasons can cause that situation, but the most likely explanation is that the business is not managed properly. That failure could be mismanagement of customer relations, or the team of employees, or both.

So how can you remedy that situation? By using a CRM system correctly. The purpose of a CRM system is to make business management much easier. One of the systems you really should get to know is called Hubspot, which is now a very popular system in use all over the world and in recent years has gained considerable ground in Israel.

Hubspot – Advantages

Are you sure you know exactly what is going on in your business? A business owner must know what is happening and should not make any decision based just on gut feeling. Hubspot, can provide you with comprehensive reports at the touch of a button and those reports will inform you about all that is happening in your business at any given moment. That means you will always know what is working well and what is not.

Are your sales figures not what you were hoping for when you started out? To understand where you are going wrong and what you must do to remedy the situation, you need to know what is happening below the surface. Hubspot can tell you how each transaction is progressing and your real time sales situation anytime you want to check.

In contrast with other CRM systems, which can limit you in different ways, Hubspot imposes almost no limitations and allows you to benefit from an unlimited number of users and a million different contact persons. So if your business is large or small, the Hubspot system could be the single resource you need to achieve success.

Hubspot – Disadvantages

Like many other CRM systems, Hubspot must adapt itself to your business and that adaptation process can take time. Until adaptation reaches completion, you will have to wait patiently. Some businesses will find that interim period unacceptable.

Hubspot can work wonders for your business activities, but you will still have to make some changes in order to optimize the overall effect. If you base everything on the system, at some stage, you might find yourself in an embarrassing situation. Therefore, it is very important that you exploit all the advantages provided by the Hubspot system, without relying on it too much.

Hubspot is not inexpensive so you must be prepared to pay the relatively high monthly fee. Perhaps that is why only large companies choose to use this system and small companies prefer lower cost systems.

The baseline Hubspot system costs USD 45 per month and the highest in the range costs more than USD 3,200 per month.

Hubspot – Monthly costs?

Hubspot offers a total of 4 packages and the 3 lowest cost systems are easy to purchase through the company’s website and those three systems also offer a free trial period without giving a credit card number. The baseline system, which is suitable for small businesses requires a fixed monthly payment of USD 12.5 and the top of the range system, suitable for large businesses costs USD 99 per month. Of course you can consult with the support team who will help you deciding which package is best for your business.

Is it possible to succeed without a CRM system?

CRM systems are designed to make your life as easy as possible. Therefore, if you decide to use a system such as Hubspot, it will be because you want to make your life even easier. But it is also important to note that in principle, it is possible to succeed without a CRM system, but that also means the process will be much harder. Not all business owners can bear the burden of responsibility and very hard work that it will entail.  

That is why it is such a good idea to work with a high quality CRM system, which can relieve some of the burden on your shoulders and allow you to focus on many other important issues. With a CRM system in place, you will be able to see changes in the situational picture and at the same time, you will be able to deal with many other matters – Only a short time before you would have thought that freedom almost impossible to imagine.

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