If you are running a business, it is reasonable to assume that you understand that management processes can be far from easy. As a manager you have so much you have to attend to and often, you will feel completely overwhelmed. But still, the end result is the ultimate test – Customer numbers and revenues will always determine the result and they are the critical factors separating a successful business from a failed business.

To enable you to achieve more efficient business management, you can always get support from a CRM system. Pipedrive is one of today’s leading systems and it is very popular in Israel. So what can Pipedrive offer you, the business’s managers? We will answer that question by providing you with all the information you need before making a final decision.

Pipedrive – Advantages?

We can tell you about many Pipedrive advantages but the shining star in this system is that it enables you to be more focused. Therefore, it will be easier for you to concentrate on the most important issues and of course, you will be able to close transactions in a much simpler way. You will not find yourself treading water and your business will always be in a forward moving, constant improvement mode.

You will be able to access Pipedrive from any location because the program even offers a designated application enabling you to see all that is happening at any given moment. You will not need to be physically present at your business premises – You can be anywhere in the world and still stay completely up to date.

Pipedrive offers full transparency and therefore your business information is always in the best possible hands. The system will not unwittingly disclose that information and will not use it unless necessary. So if that was one of your more acute worries you can take it off your list and not think about it anymore.

Pipedrive - Disadvantages?

Pipedrive’s most significant disadvantage is that in the future, you will find it very difficult to run your business without using the system. You will be caught between a rock and a hard place. If the system does not function, even for just a few hours, you will not be able to monitor what is happening. That could be a very problematic situation and that is most certainly true in the case of a large business about which you must be constantly updated.

Pipedrive does offer a very broad range of reports and information, but even so, it has limitations. Pipedrive will require you to continue undertaking a variety of small activities, which will allow you to receive a full situational picture. If you were thinking that the system will do everything for you that way of thinking could be an expensive mistake.

If your business is profitable or not, this system obliges you pay a fixed monthly usage fee and you must be aware that it is a fixed cost you is taken into account during ongoing activities. Some business owners cannot afford to make that commitment and most certainly when it must be made for a 12 month period.

Pipedrive monthly cost?

Pipedrive offers a total of four packages, the first three of which can be purchased easily through the website. Packages purchased through the website offer free trial periods, without any need for a credit card. The base package, suitable for small companies costs USD 12.5 per month. The top of the line package is suitable for large businesses and costs USD 99 per month. Of course you can consult with our support team and they will help you select the package best suited to your business.

It’s time for you to realize your company’s full potential

If your company is relatively successful or if it is not, you can always set targets – the targets you want to achieve. The Pipedrive program will help you realize your company’s innate potential. That potential might be on a scale you are not even aware of. Once you begin using Pipedrive, you will begin to understand that realizing the potential might be far easier than you ever imagined.

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