About Us

Who we are?

America crm is a leading technological consulting and support company, offering a wide range of services, including: Assimilation of CRM systems; technological project characterization and management; assimilation of IP exchanges and telecommunications systems; cloud solutions and IT services, automation and integration, technical support and problem solving.

America crm was established with the aim of providing organizations with expert, technological solutions for the ongoing management of business operations. The services available include: Selection of CRM systems, project characterization and management, telephony exchanges and of course, support for the adaptation of technologies to the organization’s needs, aims and strategies.

America crm helps its clients develop technological activities to the highest level and then maintain that up to date, high level. Using those technologies, organizations can access real time information about their activities, maintain a common language throughout the organization and that means the organization and its employees are constantly aware of the situational picture. It also means that managers can spend more time building up and developing the company’s business activities.

עבודה מרחוק ISRAELCRM

Our story

America crm’s story begins not as just another technological consulting company. It began as the pioneering force seeking out and implementing new approaches to all that needed for the assimilation and management of technological projects.

To date, America crm has helped many organizations undertake necessary technological changes and advances together with processes instigating positive change within the organization. The company has enabled a large number of its clients achieve the competitive and technological edge that has allowed them to achieve success. Since 2019, AMERICA-CRMhas helped companies and organizations assimilate CRM systems and IP exchanges, characterize and manage projects. They are all activities providing our clients with ongoing advantages and consistent growth.

The company’s leading light and CEO is Mr. Gil Haim, who has instilled the company with the ability to get complex processes up and running, all while aiming for excellence and positive energy. That approach has positioned AMERICA-CRMas a leader, formulating unique solutions and bravely overcoming barriers. It is the approach that has enabled AMERICA-CRMto hold its head high above the competition and it allows its managers to spend more time building and developing the company. The result – Managers create more sales opportunities, close more deals and generate higher revenues.


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Our Special Forces

Gil Haim


Gil Haim graduated in strategic consulting from the Haifa Technion, he has a master’s degree in finance from the Netanya Academic College; he is a member of the Israel Directors Union and he is the founder of the H.G.C. Group.

Gil founded the technological consulting company AMERICA-CRM in 2019 and continued to lead the development of the H.G.C. Group. His various activities include the establishment of multiple cooperative activities with CEOs at leading Israeli companies and outstanding contributions in the fields of project management, customer recruitment; the establishment of sales arrays and the design of organizational methodologies.

“My story with system assimilation and project management began a few years ago with the first business I established when looking for a single entity to provide me with a wide range of solutions combining organizational advice with the assimilation of technological systems. After searching for a long time I could not find any company, which could supply both those needs and so I decided to establish ISRAEL-CRM. The company’s basic ethos was to provide organizations with the tools that I felt were so lacking when I first ventured into the business world. I wanted to help as many organizations as possible develop all the technological activities needed to support consistent growth.”

Lee Klinovsky
VP Customer Service at AMERICA-CRM

Lee Kalinovsky joined the H.G.C Group in 2019. Fulfilling this task, she successfully guided a large number of organizations towards undoubted success in the revitalization of organizational processes and was an invaluable asset in the field of CRM system assimilation.

In 2021, Lee was selected to serve in the same capacity at AMERICA-CRM.

Lee has extensive experience leading the organizational processes that result in significant, very positive changes in the companies working with the Group and AMERICA-CRM.

Lee’s tasks include project management and leading processes for the Company’s clients.

Lee has a bachelor’s degree in economics and management from the Sapir Academic College and a master’s degree in organizational sociology from Bar Ilan University.