Are you at an impasse trying to figure out how to move your business forward? If you feel that the business is treading water, you must also remember that the responsibility sits firmly on your shoulders. Perhaps you are missing some of the fine detail and some of those details are holding your business back. One critical detail is the use of a CRM system, designed specifically to simplify business management.

There are many different CRM systems available in the marketplace today. Zoho is one of the leading systems and there can be no doubt that Zoho is a breath of fresh air in this field. In the following article we explain how this system works, its advantages and disadvantages and so you will be able to judge for yourself.

Zoho CRM Advantages?

One of Zoho’s very significant advantages is that it is a well proven system. Zoho is used by 150,000 different organizations in 180 different countries and those are very impressive numbers. So, if you don’t feel like entrusting all the responsibility to an unproven system Zoho is definitely your wisest choice.

Another, unquestionable advantage is the simple fact that Zoho has the ability to make communications with customers fully accessible. It doesn’t matter if your business is tiny or super-sized, Zoho will always allow you to have your finger on the pulse. For your consideration: A business without customers has no right to exist.

We must mention another Zoho advantage – The ability to manage and control your business remotely from anywhere in the world. You will be able to see sales figures and there will be no inaccessible details, wherever you are. It will be a revelation; you will see that managing the business will be much easier, even if you are in a distant country.

Zoho CRM Disadvantages?

As is true for all CRM systems, when you choose the Zoho program, you will have to adapt your business practices to the Zoho program. Usually that means only minor changes but they are changes that must be give their due consideration. Sometimes you will make those changes because you have to, and not because you want to make them in order to leverage your entire range of business activities.

It is also true that many who decide to work with a CRM system end up relying on it too much. That could happen to you after you introduce a CRM system; almost total reliance upon the system. If the system does not perform as you expect, in view of your level of reliance, some or many aspects of your business could fail.

Another, possibly disadvantageous side to CRM systems – They incur a fixed monthly fee, which you must pay in order to benefit from all the advantages the system can offer. Zoho does offer an excellent range of choices, but even so, it is a commitment you cannot breach when you will be totally reliant upon the program itself, regardless of how you use it.

Zoho – Monthly costs?

First we must mention that with registration, you will be given a 15 day trial period using the free version, which will allow you to learn the system and get to know its various features. Zoho offers a total of four tracks, each providing a different range of features. The basic version costs USD 12 per month with a commitment to pay for one year. The highest level version costs USD 45 per month with a commitment to pay for one year.

Improve your sales figures

One thing we can tell you about this program with almost absolute certainty, is that by using it you will be able to improve your sales figures. Most customers for this program say their figures improved and some say they have doubled their sales, relative to the figures achieved before their CRM was installed.

So if until now you thought that the Zoho CRM is not effective, it would be a good idea to rethink the issue. Take into account the fact that you will be able to use the trial period to learn the system and see if it can work for your business. Most Zoho customers say that since they began using the system, they cannot function properly without it.

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